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0528-16 New York Times Crossword Answers 28 May 16, Saturday

Solution to today's crossword in the New York Times
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Solution to today's New York Times crossword found online at the Seattle Times website
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CROSSWORD SETTER: Frederick J. Healy
ATTELET (attetet), SUL (sud), LILY MUNSTER (Tidy Munster!!)

Today's Wiki-est, Amazonian Googlies
I am afraid this is one of those days when I must limit myself to the bare essentials when it comes to the post. It's my son's birthday and we had a family celebration here tonight. I managed to slip away and finish the puzzle, but not much more. I should have the complete post published by noon Pacific Time tomorrow (Saturday). Please check back.

Thank you for your understanding.


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For the sake of completion, here is a full listing of all the answers:
1. Case closer : ZIPPER
7. French frozen desserts : GLACES
13. Entangle : SNARL UP
15. Fruit : RESULT
16. Like taxes and fines : ASSESSED
18. Doing time : IN STIR
19. Sound effect in the comic "B.C." : ZOT
20. Decorative skewer for serving hors d'oeuvres : ATTELET
22. VW Golf hatchback : GTI
23. 11-Down sort : SNOB
25. Manfred succeeded him as baseball commissioner in 2015 : SELIG
26. Spot at an airport : BLIP
27. "Get ___!" : A GRIP
29. South of Brazil? : SUL
30. Shut down : CEASE
31. 1999 parody featuring the starship Protector : GALAXY QUEST
34. What 28 states are : NATO MEMBERS
36. Some 40th-birthday gag gifts : CANES
37. N.F.L. coach Rivera : RON
38. Spruced up : NATTY
42. Capital of Washington? : ONES
43. "___ thou no poison mix'd ...?": "Romeo and Juliet" : HAD’ST
45. ___ Bottling Company (Cleveland fixture for over 85 years) : NEHI
46. "___ expected ..." : AS I
47. Beverage made with petals : ROSE TEA
49. When Mex. celebrates Independence Day : SEP
50. Distraught : TORN UP
52. Spills inadvertently : LET’S SLIP
54. Title brat of kid-lit : ELOISE
55. Go back over : RETRACE
56. Opposite of took off : DONNED
57. "Gotcha" : SO I SEE

1. Miss Hungary of 1936, familiarly : ZSA ZSA
2. One way to break out : IN SONG
3. The marrying kind? : PASTOR
4. Marital lead-in : PRE-
5. Second wife of Einstein : ELSA
6. Shows signs of aging : RUSTS
7. "Morning Mood" composer : GRIEG
8. Time of self-sacrifice : LENT
9. Lummox : ASS
10. Feature of many decorative vases : CUT GLASS
11. High-and-mighty : ELITIST
12. IBM logo feature : STRIPE
14. He said "You kind of live and die by the serve" : PETE SAMPRAS
17. Provider of more bells and whistles : DELUXE MODEL
21. 1960s sitcom matriarch : LILY MUNSTER
24. Lummoxes : BIG APES
26. Bit of fraternity party detritus : BEER CAN
28. Things to blaze : PATHS
30. Keep informed : CUE IN
32. Head overseas? : LOO
33. Play starters, for short : QBS
34. Pitching aid : NINE IRON
35. [Spoiler alert!] He dies in "The Force Awakens" : HAN SOLO
36. Like many cheeses and tablets : COATED
39. Sights at a Supercharger : TESLAS
40. What gets broken at a mixer : THE ICE
41. "Hot dog!" : YIPPEE!
43. Wasn't sure, say : HOPED
44. Heads overseas? : TETES
47. Smoke screen : RUSE
48. Repeated words in a multiple-count verdict reading : AS TO
51. "Little Birds" author : NIN
53. Title meaning "majesty" : SRI

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