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0616-11: New York Times Crossword Answers 16 Jun 11, Thursday

Solution to today's crossword in the New York Times
Solution to today's SYNDICATED New York Times crossword in all other publications

CROSSWORD SETTER: David Steinberg (only 14-years-old!)
THEME: SPOT THE CODE … all the theme answers tell us how to break the code and decipher the message "HLMF FWV DMRV" across the middle of the grid i.e. “SPOT THE CODE”:
20A. *Let off some steam? : HISS (H is S)
28A. *___ soup : MISO (M is O)
30A. *Not get some Z's? : LISP (L is P)
33A. *Birthday secret : WISH (W is H)
39A. Title for this puzzle ... which the answers to the eight starred clues will help explain : HLMF FWV DMRV (SPOT THE CODE)
46A. *Workshop sight, perhaps : VISE (V is E)
48A. *CD part : DISC (D is C)
50A. *Providence campus for aspiring artists, for short : RISD (R is D)
59A. *It may be pumped or bumped : FIST (F is T)

Today's Wiki-est, Amazonian Googlies
1. Explorer Abel who discovered New Zealand : TASMAN
Tasmania is the large island lying off the southeast cost of Australia. The Dutch explorer Abel Tasman was the first European to sail past the island, in 1642. Tasman named his discovery Van Dieman's Land after the Governor of the Dutch East Indies, Anthony van Dieman. The name was officially changed to Tasmania, after the discoverer himself, in 1856. In Australia a more familiar name used is "Tassie".

Jon Bon Jovi Signed Autographed Reprint Photo #27. Band with the 1994 platinum record "Always" : BON JOVI
Jon Bon Jovi was born John Francis Bongiovi, Jr., and he is the leader of the band that took his name, Bon Jovi.

17. Purplish drink : SANGRIA
Sangria is red wine punch, usually associated with Portugal and Spain. Recipes for sangria vary, but almost all include a robust red wine, sliced fruit, something sweet (e.g. orange juice, sugar), a spirit (e.g. brandy, triple sec), carbonated water or perhaps7up, and ice. The drink is named for its color, as “sangre” is the Spanish for blood.

"To Everything There is a Season": Pete Seeger and the Power of Song (New Narratives in American History)18. "Pete ___ Greatest Hits" (1967 release) : SEEGER’S
Pete Seeger, the American folk singer, wrote and co-wrote a lot of classic songs. The list includes “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”, “If I had a Hammer”, and “Turn, Turn, Turn!”

28. *___ soup : MISO
Miso is the name of the seasoning that makes the soup. Basic miso seasoning is made by fermenting rice, barley and soybeans with salt and a fungus (!), to produce a paste. The paste can be added to stock to make miso soup, or perhaps to flavor tofu.

34. Kind of dye : AZO
Azo compounds have very vivid colors and so are used to make dyes, especially with the colors, red, orange and yellow.

36. Capital whose name means "big tree" in Arabic : DOHA
Doha is the capital city of the state of Qatar located on the Persian Gulf. The name "Doha" translates from Arabic as "the big tree".

38. Hockey's Tikkanen : ESA
Esa Tikkanen is a retired hockey player from Finland. He was on the winning team in five Stanley Cup finals, between 1985 to 1994.

42. Tic-tac-toe loser : XOO
When I was growing up in Ireland, we played "noughts and crosses" ... our name for tic-tac-toe.

AmazonBasics 700MB 52x CD-R (100-Pack Spindle)48. *CD part : DISC
The Compact Disc (CD) is an optical storage device that was developed for the storage and playback of music. Derivative products were later developed such as the CD-ROM for data storage, and the PhotoCd for storage of images.

50. *Providence campus for aspiring artists, for short : RISD
Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) is a college in Providence, Rhode Island, located right next door to Brown University.

53. "___ My Sugar Standing in the Rain" (1920s hit) : I LEFT
“I Left My Sugar Standing in the Rain” was a popular hit, released in 1927 and composed by Irving Kahal and Sammy Fain.

55. Sea-___ Airport : TAC
Sea-Tac Airport is more fully known as Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. It is the main hub for Alaska Airlines.

PATRICIA NEAL 8x10 COLOR PHOTO57. "Hud" Oscar winner Patricia : NEAL
Patricia Neal won her Best Actress Oscar relatively late in her career, for playing the middle-aged housekeeper in 1963’s “Hud”. A few years later she was offered the role of Mrs. Robinson in “The Graduate” but turned it down. Famously, Neil had an affair with Gary Cooper who was married at the time. She became pregnant with his child but he persuaded her to have an abortion. Not long afterwards Neil married British writer Roald Dahl (of “Willy Wonka” fame) and the couple had five children together before divorcing in 1983.

62. Port on the Tyrrhenian Sea : SALERNO
Salerno is a port city on the southwest coast of Italy. In WWII, after the Italians negotiated a peace treaty with the Allies in 1943, the King of Italy relocated to Salerno from Rome. The new Italian government was set up in the city, and for a few months Salerno was “capital” of the country.

69. Big name in pizza : DOMINO’S
Domino's Pizza started out as DomiNick's, a pizza store on Ypsilanti, Michigan. The store was purchased by Dominic's founder Tom Monaghan in 1960, along with his brother. Tom bought out his brother a few months later, for the price of a used VW! The store was renamed Domino's Pizza in 1965, and two years later the first franchise store was opened. There are now over 8,000 stores worldwide, including one in Tallaght, in Ireland, the town where I lived for many years in my youth. That Tallaght store became the first Domino's outlet in the world to hit a a turnover of $3 million a year. We Irish obviously have terrible taste when it comes to pizza ...

LULU 8X10 COLOR PHOTO1. Words sung "with love"? : TO SIR
“To Sir, with Love” is the theme song from the excellent 1967 film of the same name. The Scottish singer Lulu sang the song for the movie, as well as acting in it. It’s well worth a rental if you haven’t seen it.

2. Wreath for the head : ANADEM
An anadem is a wreath or garland worn around the head, derived from the Greek word for “to bind up”.

3. Martial arts instructor : SENSEI
“Sensei” is a Japanese form of address used for figures of authority, from lawyers to a martial arts instructors.

RITA HAYWORTH 8x10 B&W PHOTO4. 1942 musical starring Rita Hayworth : MY GAL SAL
"My Gal Sal" is a song written by composer Paul Dresser. "My Gal Sal" is also the name of the movie recounting Dresser's life made in 1942. It stars Victor Mature as Dresser, and Rita Hayworth as Sally "Sal" Elliott.

5. Ethereal : AERY
“Aery” is a variant spelling of “airy”, meaning ethereal.

J. CARROL NAISH 8X10 B&W PHOTO6. Two-time Oscar nominee J. Carrol ___ : NAISH
J. Carrol Naish was an actor from New York, known for supporting roles in many films as well as playing the title role on the radio show “Life with Luigi” in the late forties and early fifties. That radio show was even more popular than Bob Hope’s regular broadcasts!

8. "The ___ Love" (1987 hit) : ONE I
"The One I Love" is a song released in 1987 by the rock band R.E.M. The lyrics are somewhat cynical. The song starts out with "This one goes out to the one I love", but then the second line is less wholesome, "A simple prop to occupy my time" …

13. Collection agcy. : IRS
The IRS came into being during the Civil War, to raise money to pay for war expenses. Prior to the introduction of income tax in 1862, taxation was limited to levies on trade and property.

15. French Fauvist Dufy : RAOUL
Raoul Dufy was a French painter active in the first half of the 20th century. He was classed as a "fauve", one of the group of artists known as the "wild beasts", who emphasized strong color over realism in their works.

25. Chicken ___ : KIEV
Chicken Kiev may indeed be a Ukrainian dish, named for the capital city of Kiev. It is a boneless chicken breast rolled around garlic, herbs and butter, breaded and deep fried. It was my Dad’s favorite …

29. Baum princess : OZMA
L. Frank Baum wrote a whole series of books about the Land of Oz, and Princess Ozma appears in all of them except the one that's most famous, "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz".

32. Pursuits of some candidates, for short : PHDS
PhD is an abbreviation for "philosphiae doctor", Latin for "teacher of philosophy".

The Wizard of Id: The Dailies: 197135. "The Wizard ___" : OF ID
I am not one for comic strips to be honest, but I do love “The Wizard of Id”. It first appeared in the mid-sixties, the creation of Johnny Hart (of “B.C.” fame) and Brant Parker. The storyline is centered on the Kingdom of Id, where the King’s subjects are known as "Idiots".

LARRY HAGMAN 16X20 COLOR PHOTO40. Night that "Dallas" aired for most of its run: Abbr. : FRI
The mega-hit TV show “Dallas” started out life as a five-part mini-series in 1978. Who can remember who it was that shot J.R.?

42. Benedict ___ (pope beginning in 2005) : XVI
How about Pope Benedict's latest CD? His Holiness is featured singing on an album released not too long ago by the Vatican. "Alma Mater: Featuring the Voice of Pope Benedict XVI" is a collection of sacred music. All proceeds go to help underprivileged children around the world.

On the Line51. Sister of Venus : SERENA
Serena Williams is the younger of the two sisters playing professional tennis. Serena has won more prize money in her career than any other female athlete.

52. Yogurt brand : DANNON
Danone is a French company that sells a wide range of food products, as well as bottled water. Here in the US Danone sells under the brand name "Dannon". Danone owns a number of bottled waters, including Evian, Volvic and the only one that I think is worth buying, Badoit.

Oneida Flight Forks 6-pk.54. Points at the table? : TINES
The points on a fork are known as tines.

56. Fake chocolate : CAROB
The carob is a tree or shrub in the pea family, mainly grown for its seed pods. The carob seeds are dried or roasted, and when powdered or chipped make a good substitute for chocolate.

60. Spanish muralist : SERT
Josep Maria Sert was a painter of murals from Catalan, and a friend of Salvador Dali.

63. ___ Linda : LOMA
Loma Linda is a city in California located not far from Los Angeles. The name Loma Linda translates from Spanish as “Beautiful Hill”.

LAURENCE FISHBURNE 16X20 COLOR PHOTO64. TV show with Dr. Ray Langston : CSI
The TV show "CSI" gets a lot of criticism from law enforcement agencies for its unrealistic portrayal of the procedures and science of criminal investigation. I don't care though, as I just think it's fun television. The original "CSI" set in Las Vegas seems to have "gone off the boil" lately, but the addition of Sela Ward to the cast of "CSI: NY" has really, really raised the level of the sister show set in New York City.

65. Kind of license: Abbr. : LIQ
That would be a liquor license.

66. One who's often looking down in the mouth, for short? : ENT
An Ear, Nose and Throat specialist is an ENT.

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For the sake of completion, here is a full listing of all the answers:
1. Explorer Abel who discovered New Zealand : TASMAN
7. Band with the 1994 platinum record "Always" : BON JOVI
14. Lease period, often : ONE YEAR
16. Pacific : ANTIWAR
17. Purplish drink : SANGRIA
18. "Pete ___ Greatest Hits" (1967 release) : SEEGER’S
19. "It looks that way to me!" : I’D SAY SO
20. *Let off some steam? : HISS
21. Casting need : REEL
22. Accompany musically, maybe : HUM
24. Walks off with : TAKES
28. *___ soup : MISO
30. *Not get some Z's? : LISP
33. *Birthday secret : WISH
34. Kind of dye : AZO
36. Capital whose name means "big tree" in Arabic : DOHA
38. Hockey's Tikkanen : ESA
39. Title for this puzzle ... which the answers to the eight starred clues will help explain : HLMF FWV DMRV
42. Tic-tac-toe loser : XOO
44. Suffix with concession : -AIRE
45. Make out : SEE
46. *Workshop sight, perhaps : VISE
48. *CD part : DISC
50. *Providence campus for aspiring artists, for short : RISD
53. "___ My Sugar Standing in the Rain" (1920s hit) : I LEFT
55. Sea-___ Airport : TAC
57. "Hud" Oscar winner Patricia : NEAL
59. *It may be pumped or bumped : FIST
62. Port on the Tyrrhenian Sea : SALERNO
64. Fantastik, e.g. : CLEANER
67. Causing to wear away : ERODENT
68. Not false : SINCERE
69. Big name in pizza : DOMINO’S
70. Noodle strainers? : IQ TESTS
71. Smoothie flavor : BANANA

1. Words sung "with love"? : TO SIR
2. Wreath for the head : ANADEM
3. Martial arts instructor : SENSEI
4. 1942 musical starring Rita Hayworth : MY GAL SAL
5. Ethereal : AERY
6. Two-time Oscar nominee J. Carrol ___ : NAISH
7. Big blowout : BASH
8. "The ___ Love" (1987 hit) : ONE I
9. Big blowout? : N-TEST
10. Puzzle type : JIGSAW
11. Be shy : OWE
12. Alternative spelling: Abbr. : VAR
13. Collection agcy. : IRS
15. French Fauvist Dufy : RAOUL
23. Athletic conference for Grinnell, Ripon and Beloit : MIDWEST
25. Chicken ___ : KIEV
26. Suffix with heir or host : -ESS
27. Doo-wop syllable : SHA
29. Baum princess : OZMA
31. The first "S" in S.S.R.: Abbr. : SOV
32. Pursuits of some candidates, for short : PHDS
35. "The Wizard ___" : OF ID
37. New World abbr. : AMER
39. Water bearer? : HOSE
40. Night that "Dallas" aired for most of its run: Abbr. : FRI
41. Checked : REINED IN
42. Benedict ___ (pope beginning in 2005) : XVI
43. Salad topping : OIL
47. Rub away : EFFACE
49. Checked out : CASED
51. Sister of Venus : SERENA
52. Yogurt brand : DANNON
54. Points at the table? : TINES
56. Fake chocolate : CAROB
58. Mucho : LOTSA
60. Spanish muralist : SERT
61. Uno y dos : TRES
63. ___ Linda : LOMA
64. TV show with Dr. Ray Langston : CSI
65. Kind of license: Abbr. : LIQ
66. One who's often looking down in the mouth, for short? : ENT

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Skip Harris said...

D'oh! I'm dense... :-)

Creative Juices said...'s 102 in Kansas City right now, maybe my brains are fried, but I STILL don't get the code...too right -brain

Creative Juices said...

PS I don't mean it's too right-brain, I am :-)

Carla said...

I took the time to solve it but was too baffled to solve the code. (baffled = lazy)

Jerry said...

The code is right in front of you. It isn't even a code. It's a substitute alphabet...

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