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0105-12: New York Times Crossword Answers 5 Jan 12, Thursday

Solution to today's crossword in the New York Times
Solution to today's SYNDICATED New York Times crossword in all other publications

THEME: ALL FOR ONE and ONE FOR ALL … in four pairs of answers the letters ALL have been swapped for ONE, so in effect the answer for each clue in a pair is really the answer for its partner:
34A. With 21-Down, catchphrase that provides a hint to eight answers in this puzzle : ALL FOR ONE
21. See 34-Across : ONE FOR ALL
14A. "That was funny!" : GOODALL (GOOD ONE)
59A. Jane who wrote "In the Shadow of Man" : GOOD ONE (GOODALL)
3D. Set up, as software : IN STONE (INSTALL)
4D. Schoolyard game : T-BONE (T-BALL)
49D. Certain steak : T-BALL (T-BONE)

Today's Wiki-est, Amazonian Googlies
I am afraid I just have time to post the basics as I have to head off for the rest of the evening. I am afraid the look-ups for this puzzle will have to wait until a later date. Apologies for an inconvenience.


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For the sake of completion, here is a full listing of all the answers:
1. Year in a voyage by Amerigo Vespucci : MDI
4. Business card abbr. : TEL
7. Top of a ladder, maybe : ATTIC
12. Resident of Mayberry : AUNT BEE
14. "That was funny!" : GOODALL (GOOD ONE)
17. Results of some cuts : LESIONS
18. Turkey's home : EURASIA
19. ___ B. Parker, Theodore Roosevelt's 1904 opponent for president : ALTON
20. What you might break into : SONG
22. Medical drips : IVS
23. Ending : CLOSE
24. Captivates : ENTHRONES (ENTHRALLS)
27. Biddy : HEN
28. Figure of a Spanish count? : TRES
29. White : ANGLO
30. "The ___ of March are come" : IDES
32. Gut reaction? : OOF
33. Grammy winner Elliott : MISSY
34. With 21-Down, catchphrase that provides a hint to eight answers in this puzzle : ALL FOR ONE
37. Org. featured in 1983's "WarGames" : NORAD
39. Actor Stephen : REA
40. Marshal ___, cold war leader : TITO
44. French city near the Belgian border : DOUAI
45. Swedish manufacturer of the 90, 900 and 9000 : SAAB
46. Early gangsta rap group featuring Dr. Dre : NWA
49. Zenith product : TV SET
51. Quagmire : BOG
52. Minuscule lengths : MILS
53. Quick snacks : BITES
54. Like some movie versions : UNRATED
57. Stupefied : IN A DAZE
59. Jane who wrote "In the Shadow of Man" : GOOD ONE (GOODALL)
60. Much of northern Israel : GALILEE
61. It's nice to be out of them : WOODS
62. Blues org. : NHL
63. Acid : LSD

1. Book after Zechariah : MALACHI
2. Fought à la the Three Musketeers : DUELLED
3. Set up, as software : IN STONE (INSTALL)
4. Schoolyard game : T-BONE (T-BALL)
5. Time o' day : E’EN
6. ___ two evils : LESSER OF
7. 00s, e.g. : AGENTS
8. "Deal with it!" : TOUGH
9. Rocky peak : TOR
10. Suffragist ___ B. Wells : IDA
11. Shells of shells : CASINGS
13. Spanish uncles : TIOS
15. Spirited : LIVELY
16. It may be thrown in a ring : LASSO
21. See 34-Across : ONE FOR ALL
25. Picnic spoiler : RAIN
26. Opening : ONSET
28. Ratted : TOLD
31. Singer/songwriter McLachlan : SARAH
33. Kingdom in ancient Jordan : MOAB
35. Retreat : LAIR
36. Move to a new position : REASSIGN
37. "You're doing it completely wrong!" : NO NO NO
38. Get too big for : OUTGROW
41. Fixed : INSTALL (IN STONE)
42. Plucks, in a way : TWEEZES
43. Cereal grain : OAT SEED
44. Clean up, as a program : DEBUG
45. Some jungle gym exits : SLIDES
48. Alter : AMEND
49. Certain steak : T-BALL (T-BONE)
50. Part of a Caesarean trio : VIDI
55. Trouble : ADO
56. As well : TOO
58. "Prob'ly not" : NAH

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Dick Elton said...

I spent a long time on this puzzle but felt good when I finally got it done.

Bill Butler said...


I had a pretty good time for a Thursday puzzle with this one. Which is a good thing as i was so busy the day I did it!

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