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0106-12: New York Times Crossword Answers 6 Jan 12, Friday

Solution to today's crossword in the New York Times
Solution to today's SYNDICATED New York Times crossword in all other publications

COMPLETION TIME: Didn’t finish!
ANSWERS I MISSED: I was missing several in the top left of the grid.

Today's Wiki-est, Amazonian Googlies
Apologies once again as I don't have the look-ups done for this puzzle. I am afraid that life is a little busy around here at the moment, so I only managed to sneak away to take a shot at the puzzle and then write up the basics. Things will be back to normal at the weekend.


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For the sake of completion, here is a full listing of all the answers:
1. Company whose jobs are often changing? : JIFFY LUBE
10. Working group : STAFF
15. Got to the bottom of : UNRAVELED
16. It takes a bow at a musical performance : CELLO
17. 1958 Buddy Holly hit : MAYBE BABY
18. "Guaranteed relief every time" sloganeer : EX-LAX
19. Historic leader? : PRE-
20. "Dove ___" (Mozart aria) : SONO
21. Thing : ENTITY
22. Poetic contraction : E’ER
23. Kind of strip : NO-PEST
25. Workers' org. founded by Samuel Gompers : AFL
26. Farriers' tools : RASPS
29. Letters signifying quality brandy : VSOP
30. Grant-giving org. : NEA
31. Musical with the song "Written in the Stars" : AIDA
33. Said "There, there" to, say : SOLACED
36. It makes the Statue of Liberty green : PATINA
39. Guarantee : SURETY
40. Very excited : ATINGLE
42. The so-called Island of the Gods : BALI
43. Head for the hills : LAM
44. One can be tall : TALE
46. Jerry or Jerry Lee : LEWIS
50. Seine sight : ILE
51. Rappers' covers : DO-RAGS
53. Sign : INK
54. Lane on Broadway : NATHAN
56. Attack : GOAT
58. Telephone trio : GHI
59. Against a thing, at law : IN REM
60. 2010 Ke$ha chart-topper with a creatively spelled five-word title : WE R WHO WE R
62. Clichéd : STALE
63. Series of Nintendo games : MARIO KART
64. Certain 49-Down : MAXIS
65. Watersheds : DRAINAGES

1. 18-footer, maybe : JUMPER
2. Measured two-dimensionally : IN AREA
3. Chickens for dinner : FRYERS
4. "Marvy!" : FAB
5. Surrealist Tanguy : YVES
6. Simon of Duran Duran : LE BON
7. Russian ballerina Galina : ULANOVA
8. Gets into Monk music : BEBOPS
9. Eponym of a frozen food : EDY
10. It may be picked up in the woods : SCENT
11. Do a driver's no-no : TEXT
12. Axis, e.g. : ALLIANCE
13. Condition known medically as pes planus : FLATFEET
14. 1967 hit with the lyric "You know you're a cute little heartbreaker" : FOXY LADY
21. Wife, in Juárez : ESPOSA
24. Sister of Helios : EOS
27. Sibling, at times? : PAIN
28. Sound really good : SING
32. 007 player : DALTON
34. Put to sleep : LULL
35. Auto racer Luyendyk : ARIE
36. "Refudiate," e.g. : PALINISM
37. Mythical runner : ATALANTA
38. 1990s series initially set in the year 2193 : TIME TRAX
41. Place for a plug : EAR
42. Mild Irish oath : BEGORRA
45. Nike competitor : LA GEAR
47. Move to and fro : WIGWAG
48. Belong : INHERE
49. Women's wear : SKIRTS
51. Women : DAMES
52. 2005 horror sequel : SAW II
55. Prefix with port : HELI-
57. Fund-raising suffix : -THON
60. Iraq war subject, briefly : WMD
61. Volga tributary : OKA

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Colin Rankin said...

You need to "refudiate", your failure to complete.

Better luck tomorrow!


Jan S. said...

How does "begorra" translate to English ?

Phylis Sophical said...

Hurry back! I miss your comments. Learn so much from them.

Bill Butler said...

Another new word for me today: "refudiate". I'd better forget that one quickly or I'll be dropping it into conversation around the dinner table :)

@Jan S
Re "begorra/begorrah", I've always thought it one of those softened up "by God" oaths, like "by golly". I can't think of one person back home in Ireland who uses the term though!

@Phylis Sophical
Cool user name! I have one more day without the puzzle written up, then back to normal! Thanks for the kind words :)

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January 29, 2009

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