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0107-12: New York Times Crossword Answers 7 Jan 12, Saturday

Solution to today's crossword in the New York Times
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Today's Wiki-est, Amazonian Googlies
I am almost through my busy few days here, but I still only had time for a very late Friday-night shot at this Saturday puzzle. Once again, the look-ups will have to wait until a later date. Everything should be back to normal tomorrow. Apologies for any inconvenience, and thank you for your patience. This Saturday puzzle took a while to break into, but once I got a couple of the long answers it opened up for me and fortunately was able to put it to bed quite quickly (for me). Night, night, everyone!


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For the sake of completion, here is a full listing of all the answers:
1. Like many a fairy tale princess : RESCUED
8. Craft with one mast and one sail : CATBOAT
15. Offering for continuing education : EXTENSION COURSE
17. Totally gone : DEAD AS A DOORNAIL
18. "___ I might ..." : TRY AS
19. Pretend : LET ON
20. Papua New Guinea port : LAE
21. One with a glazed-over expression? : ICER
22. Plant related to pepper : BETEL
23. Places for shooting stars : SETS
24. Finished : DID
25. They've been splintered : SECTS
26. Boiling point at Roman baths? : CCXII
27. Number tossed out : ESTIMATE
29. Glacial pinnacles : SERACS
30. Longtime "Guiding Light" actress Beth : EHLERS
31. Hellenistic-era galley : BIREME
32. Is offensive, in a way : SMELLS
33. Lost it : WENT WILD
35. Left unsaid : TACIT
36. Waterwheel parts : VANES
37. Learning the ropes : NEW
38. Depression specialist's subj. : ECON
39. Fix : DESEX
40. Bullfighter's cloak : CAPA
41. Vietnam's Dien Bien ___ : PHU
42. Lacking : OUT OF
43. Like some uncared-for closets : MOTHY
44. Mudslinger, say : DIRTY POLITICIAN
47. Lacked any supervision : ANSWERED TO NO ONE
48. Strawberry, for example : DEEP RED
49. Voiced letters : SONANTS

1. Potential beach closer : RED TIDE
2. Aid in scaling down? : EXERCISE MACHINE
3. Hung in there : STAYED THE COURSE
4. It prevents things from becoming 43-Across : CEDAR
5. Some, in Seville : UNAS
6. Southern leader? : ESS
7. Southern and such : DIALECTS
8. Hundreds : C-NOTES
9. "___ Million" (Nathanael West novel) : A COOL
10. Like some muscles and tendons : TORN
11. Frank's place : BUN
12. Taxing educational hurdle : ORAL EXAMINATION
13. One traveling around India with a trunk : ASIATIC ELEPHANT
14. Progress by intelligent design : TELESIS
16. Proust's Parisian courtesan : ODETTE
22. Campout dangers : BEARS
23. One whose head is turned : SCREW
25. Take the lead from? : SMELT
26. Roll of candy : CERTS
28. Wack, in hip-hop : ILLIN
29. Blockage-busting brand : SINEX
31. Job-hunting consideration : BENEFITS
32. Pop from a different line : STEPDAD
33. Lacked in freshness : WAS OLD
34. Hockey player Roloson and wrestler Johnson : DWAYNES
36. Like pocketed bills : VETOED
39. Barbizon School painter Jules : DUPRE
40. Brown shade : COCOA
42. Court hearing : OYER
43. Brooklyn Park setting: Abbr. : MINN
45. Municipal div. : TWP
46. Before-long link : TOO

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