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0118-12: New York Times Crossword Answers 18 Jan 12, Wednesday

Solution to today's crossword in the New York Times
Solution to today's SYNDICATED New York Times crossword in all other publications

THEME: SPARE TIRE … all of the theme answers are well-known terms but with an extra (spare) letter added at the start, the letters T-I-R-E in turn:
18A. Monopolist's clothing accessory? : (T)RUST BELT
24A. Designers for Microsoft Windows? : (I)CON ARTISTS
41A. What Martian invaders may be intent on? : (R)OUT OF THIS WORLD
53A. What the backer of a failing business may do? : (E)AT ALL COSTS
64A. Trunk item ... or what has been put on 18-, 24-, 41- and 53-Across? : SPARE TIRE

Today's Wiki-est, Amazonian Googlies
I am afraid the blog fell foul of the Internet-wide protest over the Internet piracy bills going through Congress right now. I found that doing the look-ups tonight was just too troublesome without certain resources being available (especially Wikipedia). I hope everyone understands.


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For the sake of completion, here is a full listing of all the answers:
1. Places for flocks : PEWS
5. Some sporty cars : GTS
8. Sandbox retort : AM TOO
13. Pizza topping : ONION
15. Wide shoe spec : EEE
16. Like a perfect game, of a sort : NO-HIT
17. Nabisco wafer : NILLA
18. Monopolist's clothing accessory? : (T)RUST BELT
20. Teen idol Efron : ZAC
21. Like a poor attendance : SPARSE
23. Crewman on the Jolly Roger : SMEE
24. Designers for Microsoft Windows? : (I)CON ARTISTS
27. Blow it : ERR
28. "Do Ya" rock grp. : ELO
29. Blow it : SLIP
31. Refs. for Web site newbies : FAQS
34. Brewer's equipment : OAST
38. Oil well firefighter Red ___ : ADAIR
41. What Martian invaders may be intent on? : (R)OUT OF THIS WORLD
44. Martian, e.g. : ALIEN
45. Viral phenomenon on the Web : MEME
46. Assemble-it-yourself chain : IKEA
47. Sleepaway, e.g. : CAMP
49. Young 'un : LAD
51. Really get to : IRK
53. What the backer of a failing business may do? : (E)AT ALL COSTS
60. License prerequisite, often : TEST
62. "Take your time!" : NO RUSH
63. ___ chi : TAI
64. Trunk item ... or what has been put on 18-, 24-, 41- and 53-Across? : SPARE TIRE
66. Moves first : OPENS
68. King who had the Labyrinth built : MINOS
69. Trail the pack : LAG
70. "Love Train" singers, with "the" : O’JAYS
71. Become, eventually : END UP
72. That, in Toledo : ESO
73. Cause to roll in the aisles : SLAY

1. Schemer called to mind by the Madoff swindle : PONZI
2. Univac I predecessor : ENIAC
3. Word after "roger," to a radioer : WILCO
4. G, in the key of C : SOL
5. Insinuate : GET AT
6. Country singer Clark : TERRI
7. Dr. for kids : SEUSS
8. Tiny colonist : ANT
9. Pitchfork-wielding groups : MOBS
10. Disney development : THEME PARK
11. Gretzky, for many years : OILER
12. Bewhiskered frolicker : OTTER
14. Like some French vowels : NASAL
19. Where props are seen : SETS
22. Bit of math homework : PROOF
25. Lipton competitor : NESTEA
26. Beanery side dish : SLAW
30. Emphatic assent : I DO, I DO
31. Monk's title : FRA
32. WWW giant : AOL
33. Stuff that can give you a sinking feeling? : QUICKSAND
35. ___ Inside (store sign) : ATM
36. That ship : SHE
37. "Tiny" boy : TIM
39. ___ de la Cité : ILE
40. Nutritionist's fig. : RDA
42. Words of generosity : ON ME
43. Hawks : SELLS
48. Huff and puff : PANT
50. It may elicit a blessing : ACHOO
51. Words after a knock : IT’S ME
52. Adjust, as a corsage : REPIN
54. Upholstery fabric : TOILE
55. Polonius's hiding place : ARRAS
56. "Hasta ___" : LUEGO
57. Item at a 95% markdown, say : STEAL
58. Country singer Tucker : TANYA
59. He-man's opposite : SISSY
61. Drop ___ (moon) : TROU
65. Eerie gift : ESP
67. Sleepover attire, for short : PJS

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Anonymous said...

just found your website and really appreciate your googlies section

Bill Butler said...

Thanks for stopping by.

I am glad you enjoy the look-ups. I enjoy documenting them each night :)

Anonymous said...

I like your good nature about the puzzles and enjoyment of them. I do them for fun, and it's nice to have a web site that sorts out my difficulties (or confirms my guesses!)

Bill Butler said...

Thanks for the kind words. I am delighted to hear that the blog is of some service.

lylebicycle1 said...

I don't understand 45A answer (MEME),please explain. Thanks.

Bill Butler said...

Hi Lyle,

I am afraid I missed all the look-ups for this puzzle. A bad day!

Here is what I have written in the past about the "meme" phenomenon:

A "meme" (short for "mineme") is a cultural practice or idea that is passed on verbally or by repetition from one person to another. The term lends itself very well to the online world, where links, emails, files etc. are so easily propagated.

Hope that helps!

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