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0519-12: New York Times Crossword Answers 19 May 12, Saturday

Solution to today's crossword in the New York Times
Solution to today's SYNDICATED New York Times crossword in all other publications

THEME: None … but we can note that every letter in the alphabet appears in the grid, except the letter E!

Today's Wiki-est, Amazonian Googlies
It seems that I picked up a bug, probably when flying back from Dallas last weekend. I've been under the weather ever since, and today found out that I've developed a full-blown influenza. Flu symptom relief drugs have me zonked, so I'm not up to doing the look-ups tonight.

Apologies, everyone.


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For the sake of completion, here is a full listing of all the answers:
1. One with a coat of many colors : CALICO CAT
10. Asian sea name : ARAL
14. Girl group with a 1986 #1 hit : BANANARAMA
15. "Sì, mi chiamano ___" (Puccini aria) : MIMI
16. Like telescopes : ASTRONOMIC
17. The Olympic Australis, e.g. : OPAL
18. Unlocked? : SHORN
19. 1977 Paul Davis hit that spent 25 weeks in the Top 40 : I GO CRAZY
21. Negligible : TINY
22. Rubber : GALOSH
24. Old man : POP
25. "___ Time," 1952 million-selling Eddie Fisher hit : ANY
26. Solitary places : JAILS
27. ___ Humpalot, Austin Powers villain : IVANA
29. Pro ___ : FORMA
30. City NNE of Toledo : MADRID
31. Game in which players offer a few words : MAD LIBS
34. Swingers hit on them at parties : PINATAS
35. Manila airport name : AQUINO
36. Like hurricane weather : GUSTY
37. Punishment, metaphorically : LUMPS
38. Bill who composed "Gonna Fly Now" : CONTI
39. Big trap : MAW
42. CBer's place : CAB
43. "Clamshell" computers of old : IBOOKS
45. Kennedy Center happening : GALA
46. First, second and third : ORDINALS
48. Historic D.C. theater : FORDS
49. Beast fought by Heracles : LION
50. Donning, as loafers : SLIPPING ON
53. Gloom : MURK
54. Chilling : HANGING OUT
55. Short winter day? : XMAS
56. They may be heard in a temple : ORGANISTS

1. Redeem : CASH IN
2. Second Triumvirate member : ANTONY
3. David with a role for himself on TV : LARRY
4. Muscle ___ : IN ON
5. Junk : CAN
6. California's Montaña de ___ State Park : ORO
7. Duchess of Cornwall : CAMILLA
8. Mates : AMIGOS
9. Dishes eaten with the hands : TACOS
10. Topic for Catullus : AMOR
11. Shred : RIP APART
12. Rain forest region : AMAZONIA
13. Resting spots by the water : LILY PADS
14. "Stop!" overseas : BASTA
20. Pasta go-with : CHIANTI
22. Four-time Oscar nominee (never a winner) in the 1930s : GARBO
23. Motivators : AIMS
26. Doesn't merely observe : JOINS IN
28. Heady time for soldiers : V-DAY
29. Rapid turnover : FLIP
30. They're hard to see through : MISTS
31. Organization of Afro-American Unity founder : MALCOLM X
32. School house? : AQUARIUM
33. Comic strip that Chic Young abandoned to create "Blondie" : DUMB DORA
34. No-goodnik : PUNK
36. Touching bottom? : GOOSING
38. Pet peeve? : COLLAR
39. Herbert Henry Asquith's socialite wife : MARGOT
40. ___ Snow, Russell Brand's character in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and "Get Him to the Greek" : ALDOUS
41. "___ That a Time?" (Weavers album) : WASN’T
44. Poet credited with popularizing haiku : BASHO
45. They may be heard in a temple : GONGS
47. Signs : INKS
48. Done, in Dunkirk : FINI
51. Wanamaker Trophy org. : PGA
52. Jewelry box item : PIN

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Anonymous said...

Get well soon. Manxie

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