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0522-12: New York Times Crossword Answers 22 May 12, Tuesday

Solution to today's crossword in the New York Times
Solution to today's SYNDICATED New York Times crossword in all other publications

THEME: ENIGMA VARIATIONS … each of the theme answers contains an anagram of the word ENIGMA, shown in the circled letters in the grid:
18A. 2004 movie with a screenplay by Tina Fey : (MEAN GI)RLS
24A. Carved figure used for rituals : GRAVE(N IMAGE)
38A. Work by Sir Edward Elgar hinted at by this puzzle's shaded squares : ENIGMA VARIATIONS
54A. Industrial Revolution-era power source : STE(AM ENG)INE
65A. Family play time : (GAME NI)GHT

Today's Wiki-est, Amazonian Googlies

I must apologize once again for not providing look-ups with the post, as I am still sleeping my way through the day when I am not engaged in fits of coughing. I guess I will have to finally admit my age and go for that flu shot next year. Thank you, everyone, for the kind "get well soon" emails.

Maybe tomorrow we'll be back to normal (but I said that yesterday!).


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For the sake of completion, here is a full listing of all the answers:
1. Insecticide whose spelled-out name has 31 letters : DDT
4. Rapid, in music : MOSSO
9. Film about a statue? : PATINA
15. Always, in verse : E’ER
16. Woolf's "___ of One's Own" : A ROOM
17. Hard-to-hum, say : ATONAL
18. 2004 movie with a screenplay by Tina Fey : (MEAN GI)RLS
20. Japanese mat : TATAMI
21. Was next to : ADJOINED
22. ___ Noël (French Santa Claus) : PERE
23. Straight, at a bar : NEAT
24. Carved figure used for rituals : GRAVE(N IMAGE)
29. Lees material : DENIM
31. Legal wrongs : TORTS
32. How a limbo dancer dances : LOW
33. "___ chance!" : NOT A
36. N.Y.C.'s Roosevelt ___ : ISL
37. Railroad beam : TIE
38. Work by Sir Edward Elgar hinted at by this puzzle's shaded squares : ENIGMA VARIATIONS
44. Like most of China's flag : RED
45. Fig. on an A.T.M. receipt : BAL
46. Improperly off base, in brief : AWOL
47. "Wise" bird : OWL
48. Like the cutouts in some children's artwork : GLUED
50. Austrian-made pistol : GLOCK
54. Industrial Revolution-era power source : STE(AM ENG)INE
58. "Dies ___" : IRAE
59. Bit of Highlands costume : KILT
60. Illicit rendezvous locale : LOVE NEST
62. Yacht site : MARINA
65. Family play time : (GAME NI)GHT
66. 2,000 pounds : ONE TON
67. It's taken by witnesses : STAND
68. Try to stop from squeaking, say : OIL
69. Chicken : COWARD
70. Trials : TESTS
71. SSW's opposite : NNE

1. Supply's partner, in economics : DEMAND
2. Pundit Myers : DEE DEE
3. Roman emperor born in Spain : TRAJAN
4. Nativity scene figures : MAGI
5. Part of an airtight seal : O-RING
6. More achy : SORER
7. Stravinsky's "L'Histoire du ___" : SOLDAT
8. Meditation chants : OMS
9. Intellectual property subject : PATENT LAW
10. 2600 and 5200 consoles : ATARIS
11. Figure on a pole : TOTEM
12. ___ while : IN A
13. '60s war zone : ‘NAM
14. Clay, after a transformation? : ALI
19. Mentioning : NOTING
22. Xerxes' empire : PERSIA
25. ___ dire (jury selection process) : VOIR
26. Choir voice : ALTO
27. Enter : GO IN
28. Milk providers : EWES
30. May honoree : MOM
34. Plateau : TABLE LAND
35. "___, and quit my sight!": Macbeth : AVAUNT
38. Love god : EROS
39. Wetlands creature : NEWT
40. Empty, as talk : IDLE
41. "Break ___!" : A LEG
42. Dress (up) : TOG
43. Urbana-Champaign athletes : ILLINI
48. Key of Mozart's Symphony No. 25 or 40 : G MINOR
49. Grow, as a pupil : DILATE
51. Terminus of a famous trail : OREGON
52. Collect one's winnings : CASH IN
53. One whistling in the kitchen? : KETTLE
55. Japanese dog : AKITA
56. Enrique's "Enough!" : NO MAS
57. News conference, e.g. : EVENT
61. Terminates : ENDS
62. Comfy bit of footwear : MOC
63. Enero-to-diciembre period : ANO
64. Button with two triangles: Abbr. : REW
65. Astronomical observation std. : GST

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