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0410-16 New York Times Crossword Answers 10 Apr 16, Sunday

Solution to today's crossword in the New York Times
Solution to today's SYNDICATED New York Times crossword in all other publications
Solution to today's New York Times crossword found online at the Seattle Times website
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THEME: Something in the Water … today’s themed answers come in pairs. We have vessels found above (or below) specific bodies of water in the grid:
23A. Where a 28-Across was often submerged in W.W. II : ATLANTIC OCEAN
28A. See 23-Across : U-BOAT

38A. See 43-Across : RAFT
43A. Where you might tour the Grand Canyon in a 38-Across : COLORADO RIVER

47A. See 50-Across : GONDOLA
50A. Where an Italian tourist might ride in a 47-Across : GRAND CANAL

73A. See 79-Across : OIL TANKER
79A. Where a 73-Across sails loaded with fuel : ARABIAN SEA

81A. See 85-Across : TRAWLER
85A. Place for an 81-Across to catch seafood : CHESAPEAKE BAY

101A. See 105-Across : FERRY
105A. What a 101-Across travels for some urban commuters : NEW YORK HARBOR

Today's Wiki-est, Amazonian Googlies
I'm still hanging out with my brothers in Washington, D.C. so only have time to post the bare essentials for today's puzzle. I will get to the full post just as soon as I can. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Things will be back to normal in a few days.


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For the sake of completion, here is a full listing of all the answers:
1. "Things aren't so bad!" : CHEER UP!
8. Memorable mission : ALAMO
13. Napoleon, for one : PASTRY
19. Head of the army? : LATRINE
20. Jerusalem's province, to the Romans : JUDAEA
21. Role for Julia Louis-Dreyfus : ELAINE
22. Iron Man, e.g. : AVENGER
23. Where a 28-Across was often submerged in W.W. II : ATLANTIC OCEAN
25. Prefix with comic : SERIO-
26. Chinese leader? : SINO-
28. See 23-Across : U-BOAT
29. More sound : SANER
30. Global supporter of the arts : UNESCO
33. Retailer ___ Taylor : ANN
34. Kind of PC port : USB
37. Grocery chain since 1926 : IGA
38. See 43-Across : RAFT
39. A or O, e.g. : ALER
41. Ready to be drawn : ON TAP
43. Where you might tour the Grand Canyon in a 38-Across : COLORADO RIVER
47. See 50-Across : GONDOLA
49. Young hare : LEVERET
50. Where an Italian tourist might ride in a 47-Across : GRAND CANAL
52. Honkers : GEESE
54. "If I Ruled the World" rapper : NAS
56. Heavy metal venue? : STEEL MILL
57. Approximately : OR SO
58. Bars frequented at night : ROOSTS
61. Tiny bit : MITE
62. Not, to a Scot : NAE
63. Saloon sounds : HICS
64. Knock over : ROB
65. Animal that an ailurophobe fears : CAT
66. Unimpressive mount : ASS
67. "So ___" : BE IT
68. Where to find Moscow in the U.S.: Abbr. : IDA
69. 1993 standoff site : WACO
70. Trembling trees : ASPENS
72. Does some grilling : ASKS
73. See 79-Across : OIL TANKER
76. Solo pilot? : HAN
77. Vice ___ : VERSA
79. Where a 73-Across sails loaded with fuel : ARABIAN SEA
81. See 85-Across : TRAWLER
84. What a vulgarian has : NO TASTE
85. Place for an 81-Across to catch seafood : CHESAPEAKE BAY
90. [Humph!] : SNORT
91. Put one's foot down : STEP
92. Cowpoke's friend : PARD
93. U.K. award : OBE
94. Yearbook sect. : SRS
95. Political writer Matt : BAI
97. École educator : MAITRE
99. Ticked off : CROSS
101. See 105-Across : FERRY
103. First name on the Supreme Court : RUTH
104. Suite spot, say : HOTEL
105. What a 101-Across travels for some urban commuters : NEW YORK HARBOR
111. James Joyce short story in "Dubliners" : EVELINE
113. Self-image? : AVATAR
114. Time to start walking : AGE ONE
115. Campaign poster word : REELECT
116. Not quite : HARDLY
117. "Ain't happening" : NO WAY
118. Investigative pieces : EXPOSES

1. Great work of literature : CLASSIC
2. Try : HAVE A GO
3. "But thy ___ summer shall not fade": Shak. : ETERNAL
4. "It's a Wonderful Life" role : ERNIE
5. Attention to detail : RIGOR
6. Article in Le Monde : UNE
7. Sell : PERSUADE
8. They have belts and coats : AUTOS
9. Cholesterol inits. : LDL
10. Top of the minors : AAA
11. Aid in picking sides : MENU
12. Crunchy snack : OAT BAR
13. Butter ___ (ice cream flavor) : PECAN
14. Buckets : A LOT
15. It counts as a plate appearance but not as an at-bat, briefly : SAC
16. Trash bag accessory : TIE
17. Retrovirus component : RNA
18. Appetite : YEN
20. Cabinet member who served all eight years under Bill Clinton : JANET RENO
24. Saturn model with a scientific name : ION
27. Awaiting : IN FOR
31. Basketball's King James, for one : CAV
32. Cassini of fashion : OLEG
34. Let flow again : UNDAM
35. Lack of compassion : STONINESS
36. Russian relative of a guitar : BALALAIKA
38. Party with glow sticks, maybe : RAVE
40. Stumbles : ERRS
41. Rouen relation : ONCLE
42. Makeshift beds : PALLETS
44. Bread spreads : OLEOS
45. Lawyer's thing : RES
46. Lake that's the source of the Mississippi : ITASCA
47. Banded rock : GNEISS
48. "Waiting for Lefty" playwright : ODETS
51. Hindu soul : ATMAN
52. Metal grates for grilling : GRIDIRONS
53. One-way flight? : ESCALATOR
55. Hide away : STASH
57. Seven U.S. presidents, by birth : OHIOANS
58. Notre Dame football legend : ROCKNE
59. They're blown in the winds : OBOES
60. Tourist attraction on N.Y.C.'s Fifth Ave. : ST PAT’S
64. Charged : RAN AT
67. Support for ballet dancers : BARRE
69. Place for a spare tire : WAIST
71. Send into a swoon : ENRAPTURE
74. Lifts up a mountain : T-BARS
75. Geom. shape : RECT
77. ___ III, inspiration for Dracula : VLAD
78. Cry of mock horror : EEK!
80. "Don't forget about me" : AHEM
82. Set off : APART
83. Announcement at the end of a long car trip : WE’RE HERE
86. Org. established by President Nixon : EPA
87. "Little piggy" holders : BOOTIES
88. Lack : ABSENCE
89. "Count me in" : YES, LET’S
91. When repeated, 1968 name in the news : SIRHAN
95. Generic juice flavor : BERRY
96. Scroll holder : ARK
98. Choking on a Life Saver, e.g. : IRONY
99. Fowl language? : CHEEP
100. Rich kid in "Nancy" : ROLLO
101. Young Arab : FOAL
102. Sant' Gria brand : YAGO
105. "I don't think so" : NAH
106. Stowe girl : EVA
107. Card game for two : WAR
108. Financial report abbr. : YTD
109. Opposite of FF : REW
110. Dangerous pet : BOA
112. Aggravate : VEX

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Dave Kennison said...

35:38, no errors. Another iPad solve and a bit of a problem: My iPad is a Mini and, on Sunday, the things I have to hit with my index finger are so small that I have to keep retrying and the process sometimes introduces errors. Still, I'm getting better at it ...

Dave Kennison said...

Today, two days later, I did this puzzle again, on paper. It still took me 15:47, with no errors, and there were several entries (e.g., YAGO) of which I had no memory at all. Remember that line about only having to know one joke to keep someone with Alzheimer's amused? Maybe soon I'll really only need one puzzle or, at most, a week's worth, to keep me happy ... :-)

Anonymous said...

39 Across: A or O = aler? What's an aler??

Anonymous said...

Not a baseball fan, are you? :) An "A" is an Oakland player, and an "O" is a Baltimore *O*riole, and they're both American League-rs, known to fans as "A.L.ers".

A pretty convoluted clue, isn't it?

49:17 for me, with 6 errors. I just don't know from GNEISS, nor did I know the specific name of the Canal in Italy, nor anything about Hinduism, and had NAG for an unimpressive mount, so..... *shrug*.

Anonymous said...

Convoluted is understated! Thanks for the info. Got them all anyway, however...aler is a stretch!

BruceB said...

41:49, no errors. AL'ER and YAGO filled entirely with crossfills.

JaJaJoe said...

Anonymous, as to your not knowing "from GNEISS", I first learned of such during our US Bicentennial, July 4th, 1976, as my son and I did #38+43Across (above): RAFT, COLORADO RIVER
"Where you might tour the Grand Canyon in a 38-Across"; from whence (in its deepest, oldest, Inner Gorge) we learned of GNEISS, AKA Vishnu Basement Rocks. ~

Bill, glad you're hanging with yo bro's in DC, also near the fledgling eaglet pair born around St Pat's Day in our US Nat'l Arboretum, I'm watching +parents as via
and that you'll Go Green about: 60Down "Tourist attraction on NYC's 5th Ave" : ST PAT’S

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