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0619-16 New York Times Crossword Answers 19 Jun 16, Sunday

Solution to today's crossword in the New York Times
Solution to today's SYNDICATED New York Times crossword in all other publications
Solution to today's New York Times crossword found online at the Seattle Times website
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THEME: Intersections
The paper version of this puzzle has some black squares replaced with “traffic signals”. These signals are red in one direction and green in the other. The themed “GO/GREEN” answers span the traffic signal and use the word GREEN. The themed STOP/RED” answers use the word RED, but stop at the traffic signal. Well, that is except for the answer RUNNING A RED LIGHT, aptly enough:
31A. Showing acute embarrassment, say : BEET RED
32A. Anti-Communist fervor : RED SCARE
34A. 1991 film with the tagline "The secret of life? The secret's in the sauce" : FRIED GREEN TOMATOES
46A. The world, idiomatically : GOD'S GREEN EARTH
62A. Trident piece? : WINTERGREEN GUM
92A. Illegal action shown literally in this answer? : RUNNING A RED LIGHT
98A. Blushes : TURNS RED
99A. Cinnamon-flavored candy : RED HOTS
5D. Like the moon during a total lunar eclipse : BLOOD RED
11D. Detroit Tiger whose #5 is retired : HANK GREENBERG
26D. Is angry : SEES RED
40D. 1948 John Wayne film : RED RIVER
45D. Cornell athletes : BIG RED
52D. Trips in the dark? : RED-EYES
67D. Frozen aisle icon : JOLLY GREEN GIANT
75D. Symbol of Washington State : EVERGREEN TREE

Today's Wiki-est, Amazonian Googlies
I'm still in the west of Ireland, and struggling to find a decent WiFi connection. As such, I can just manage another minimal post. I'll get the complete post just as soon as I can.



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For the sake of completion, here is a full listing of all the answers:
1. It's accommodating : B AND B
6. Comic cries of frustration : ACKS
10. Grouped for threshing, say : SHEAFED
17. Continuing story : SERIAL
18. Busybody : SNOOP
19. Sly one? : STALLONE
20. Many-time Indy 500 pace car : CAMARO
21. Pruritic : ITCHY
22. Goal on a first down : TEN YARDS
23. Handle letters : AKA
24. Gender nonconformist : TOMGIRL
26. Ruin : SINK
27. Hazel's love in "The Fault in Our Stars" : GUS
28. Musical with the songs "Santa Fe" and "I Should Tell You" : RENT
30. Blockheaded : DENSE
31. Showing acute embarrassment, say : BEET RED
32. Anti-Communist fervor : RED SCARE
34. 1991 film with the tagline "The secret of life? The secret's in the sauce" : FRIED GREEN TOMATOES
36. Symbols of audience disapproval : TOMATOES
38. Feller in a forest? : BEAVER
39. ___'easter : NOR
41. Spinners : ROTORS
42. Most nail-biting : TENSEST
43. Fill-in-the-blanks diversion : MADLIB
46. The world, idiomatically : GOD'S GREEN EARTH
47. Soil : EARTH
48. ___ lane : HOV
49. Poet who wrote "Jupiter from on high laughs at lovers' perjuries" : OVID
51. Like "E.T." and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" : RATED PG
53. Finish ahead of : BEST
57. Summer, in much of West Africa : ETE
58. Former "Live" co-host with Kathie Lee : REGIS
60. The Rolling Stones' "Get Yer ___ Out" : YA-YAS
61. Sidekick in 1990s "S.N.L." skits : GARTH
62. Trident piece? : WINTERGREEN GUM
64. Clog, with "up" : GUM
66. Call before reserving? : LET
67. Stadium store souvenir : JERSEY
68. Stolas : women :: ___ : men : TOGAS
69. Distiller Walker : HIRAM
71. Affix, in a way : SEW ON
73. Bay, e.g. : ARM
74. First-year J.D. student : ONE L
75. Use, as a dish : EAT FROM
77. Save, with "away" : SALT
78. Top choice : TEE
79. Brand with two harnessed horses in its logo : LEVI’S
81. Dolls' counterpart : GUYS
83. Creepazoid : SLEAZO
85. Trembling : ASHIVER
88. Pilot : AIRMAN
90. "Success-s-s!" : YES!
91. Meeting around lunchtime : NOONER
92. Illegal action shown literally in this answer? : RUNNING A RED LIGHT
94. Not deep, as entertainment : LIGHT
98. Blushes : TURNS RED
99. Cinnamon-flavored candy : RED HOTS
100. Smarted : STUNG
102. What spirits may do : SOAR
103. Workplaces where gloves are worn, for short : ORS
104. Ordering option : TO GO
105. Has a quiet evening, say : STAYS IN
107. ___-Caps : SNO
108. "For real?" : IS IT TRUE?
111. On the double : APACE
112. Confront aggressively : ACCOST
114. Incident not worth talking about : NON-EVENT
115. Its capital is Whitehorse : YUKON
116. Starting point for Pompeii tourism : NAPLES
117. Busy : ENGAGED
118. Idyllic place : EDEN
119. Part of a kite : TALON

1. Lab vessel : BEAKER
2. Noted name in suits : ARMANI
3. Long on screen : NIA
4. One going for a board position? : DART
5. Like the moon during a total lunar eclipse : BLOOD RED
6. Designed to clear the air : ANTISMOG
7. Jerry Siegel or Joe Shuster, for Superman : CO-CREATOR
8. Department store eponym : KOHL
9. Busybody, maybe : SPY
10. Coronary ___ : STENT
11. Detroit Tiger whose #5 is retired : HANK GREENBERG
12. Cambridgeshire city : ELY
13. Mobile home: Abbr. : ALA
14. Accepted an apology : FORGAVE
15. Lasts : ENDURES
16. Calorie counter's temptation : DESSERT
17. Chow (down) : SCARF
18. Turin title : SIGNOR
19. Places to wallow : STIES
25. Crossed : MET
26. Is angry : SEES RED
29. Keep, as a garden : TEND
31. Youth detention center in England : BORSTAL
32. Over the moon : SENT
33. Feature of many a reception : CASH BAR
35. ___ Umbridge, teacher of Dark Arts at Hogwarts : DOLORES
37. Now : TODAY
38. Something that might fall off the shelf? : BERG
40. 1948 John Wayne film : RED RIVER
42. Chooses to lead : TAPS
43. Legal maneuver : MOTION
44. Requite : AVENGE
45. Cornell athletes : BIG RED
47. Tinder successes, say : E-DATES
48. Strictly follow : HEW TO
50. Limbs' ends : DIGITS
52. Trips in the dark? : RED-EYES
54. Fake : ERSATZ
55. Dual-channel : STEREO
56. Stuffing herb : THYME
59. Sound heard at a beach : SURF
61. Decorous : GENTEEL
63. Baltic capital : TALLINN
65. Pages have four of them : MARGINS
67. Frozen aisle icon : JOLLY GREEN GIANT
69. Ginger feature : RED HAIR
70. Miss badly, say : MOURN
72. Lived : WAS
75. Symbol of Washington State : EVERGREEN TREE
76. "Oops!" : MY MISTAKE!
80. Cusps : EVES
82. Annual December pub crawl : SANTACON
84. Defects and all : AS IS
85. Fats Domino's real first name : ANTOINE
86. Grows sick of : SOURS ON
87. Goofing (around) : HORSING
88. Kind of body : AUTO
89. Most common family name in Vietnam : NGUYEN
92. Webster shelfmate : ROGET
93. Key part: Abbr. : ANS
95. Break from a band, maybe : GO SOLO
96. Crime writer Joseph : HANSEN
97. Brings (out) : TROTS
99. Harass : HOUND
101. Fairy tale figure : GIANT
104. Evolutionary diagram : TREE
105. Pre-fries? : SPUD
106. Org. with Divisions I-III : NCAA
109. Social gathering : TEA
110. Like most children's programming : TV-G
111. Something said repeatedly on a ship : AYE
113. Sgt.'s inferior : CPL

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Andrea Bergstrom said...

Bill, HELP! This is not the Sunday June 19, 2016 puzzle. I only had a,couple of words to check, but I miss your comments. Please berate the website and get the right puzzle back.
Andrea Bergstrom, loyal fan.

Bill Butler said...

Hi there, Andrea.

I'm out of the country right now, and can't be sure about what happened with today's puzzle. I suspect that some local papers published an older puzzle because the one scheduled for today involved color printing of special squares in the grid. If you tell me the first few clues in your puzzle, maybe we can find the answers for you.

Bill Butler said...


I am pretty sure that at least one local paper used this puzzle as an alternative offering today. Maybe that will help.

Robert said...

That's the one my gannett paper ran, 0721-13.

Dave Kennison said...

The Denver Post also ran 0721-13.

Dave Kennison said...

And they left out the clue for 115D!

Anonymous said...

This was a pretty stupid puzzle..........some of the clues, that is.

Anonymous said...

Andrea and Bill - I get my my NYT Xwords from the Seattle Times website, and they are published 6 weeks after they originally run in the NYT. Maybe Andrea's source is running a few weeks behind schedule also. Good luck!

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