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0311-17 New York Times Crossword Answers 11 Mar 17, Saturday

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I continue to struggle with extremely spotty cell tower coverage as my brother and I wend our way from San Francisco to Chicago on the California Zephyr train. I can just manage to post these bare essentials for now, and will get to the balance of the post just as soon as I can tomorrow (Saturday).

Thank you for your understanding,


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For the sake of completion, here is a full listing of all the answers:
1. Genre akin to indie rock : ALT-POP
7. Fellow : BLOKE
12. Co-organizer of the 1970 Women's Strike for Equality : GLORIA STEINEM
14. Modern topic in race relations : WHITE PRIVILEGE
15. Sci-fi natives of the planet Kashyyyk : WOOKIEES
16. Little monsters : SNOTS
17. Programming keyword : ELSE
18. Longtime TV tavern : MOE’S
20. To whom Durocher was referring when he said "Nice guys finish last" : OTT
22. Little wriggler : EFT
23. Wise one : SAVANT
26. Go through the roof : SOAR
27. Where bows may be made : SHRINE
28. It's described as fine and flakelike in Exodus : MANNA
29. Piece of glib journalism often written under a tight deadline : HOT TAKE
32. Theatrical hybrid : DRAMEDY
34. Insect that's born pregnant : APHID
35. 8, e.g. : FIGURE
37. "Are you blind, ump?," e.g. : JEER
38. Course on courses, for short : HOME EC
39. Tearing up, say : SAD
42. Tolkien's Prancing Pony, for one : INN
43. 3, 4, 5 and occasionally more : PARS
44. Opposite of doddery : SPRY
45. Quite off : WEIRD
47. Lover of history? : OLD FLAME
51. Field in which a helmet and gloves are often worn : VIRTUAL REALITY
53. Award-winning Cartoon Network series with Finn the Human and Jake the Dog : ADVENTURE TIME
54. Repeated lyric in the Who's "Tommy" : SEE ME
55. Twist and turn : GYRATE

1. Uniform : ALIKE
2. "There's not a ___ can do" : LOT I
3. Word with family or Christmas : TREE
4. Main, say : PIPE
5. Sculler : OARSMAN
6. Wave function denoter in quantum mechanics : PSI
7. Some Vietnam War protests : BE-INS
8. Disney's "___ & Stitch" : LILO
9. Corresponding exactly : ONE-TO-ONE
10. Frat party stunt : KEG STAND
11. Suffix in linguistics : -EME
12. Popular word game : GHOST
13. Soap box? : TV SET
14. Bolt (down) : WOLF
15. Like Tom Thumb : WEE
19. Wired : ON EDGE
21. What someone may be holding while waiting : TRAY
23. Kind of roe : SHAD
24. What had a double standard in the Bible? : ARK
25. Try to win : VIE FOR
26. Uniform : SAME
27. Ruckus : STIR
28. Fashion designer Ecko : MARC
29. Traveler to a certain 27-Across : HAJI
30. Request at the dentist's : OPEN WIDE
31. "How dare they!" : THE NERVE!
33. Regret : RUE
36. "Apologies" : I'M SORRY
38. Rushed : HAD AT
39. Rush : SPATE
40. Red ___ : ARMY
41. Red ___ : DYE
43. Cut back : PRUNE
44. Snail trail : SLIME
46. Paragraph in the newspaper, say : ITEM
48. Look the wrong way? : LEER
49. Subject of a cellphone cap : DATA
50. Move like a fairy : FLIT
51. Biological duct : VAS
52. Palooka : LUG

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Dave Kennison said...

26:13, no errors. Difficult. Weird spelling of WOOKIEES. Never heard of ALT POP or ADVENTURE TIME. Had MEL'S before MOE'S and EEL before EFT. But it all came together in the end ...

Regina said...

You are the best! You never miss a day!

Easy Saturday puzzle!

Anonymous said...

What does "EFT" mean for Little Wriggler? Thanks.

Dave Kennison said...

@Anonymous ... "Eft" is another term for a newt, especially an immature newt, a type of amphibian.

Knot Telling said...

This is the last solution that's showing up for me. (Today is a Monday 13 March.) Did Sunday's puzzle fall victim to spotty data service? I hope very much that there was no road accident or misfortune of any kind.

Regina said...

We worry about you, Bill!

Anonymous said...

We miss your explanations and comments. The last posted puzzle is Saturday's.

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