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0313-17 New York Times Crossword Answers 13 Mar 17, Monday

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THEME: Point of No Return
In a “punny” sort of way, one might think of today’s themed answers as POINTS OF NO RETURN:
60A. Punny description for 17-, 26- or 48-Across : POINT OF NO RETURN

17A. Atlantic site of strange disappearances : BERMUDA TRIANGLE
26A. "As is" transaction : FINAL SALE
48A. Excellent service : TENNIS ACE

Today's Wiki-est, Amazonian Googlies
I am on vacation in Chicago and am struggling to keep up with blog pasts. This late post contains just the basic information about today's puzzle. I will follow up with the balance at some time in the future, before it is sent into syndication.

Apologies for the inconvenience, and thanks for your understanding.


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For the sake of completion, here is a full listing of all the answers:
1. Lawyer: Abbr. : ATTY
5. British sports car, briefly : JAG
8. What ignorance is, they say : BLISS
13. One might end "Q.E.D." : PROOF
15. A pitcher wants a low one, for short : ERA
16. "___ One: A Star Wars Story" : ROGUE
17. Atlantic site of strange disappearances : BERMUDA TRIANGLE
20. Michael who played both Batman and Birdman : KEATON
21. Aid for a lost driver, for short : GPS
22. Big laugh : YUK!
23. Russian jet : MIG
24. Former British P.M. Tony : BLAIR
26. "As is" transaction : FINAL SALE
30. Frank of the Mothers of Invention : ZAPPA
34. WSW's opposite : ENE
35. Jazzy Fitzgerald : ELLA
36. Colorful aquarium swimmers : TETRAS
37. "___ my words" : MARK
39. You are here : EARTH
41. Didn't float : SANK
42. Like zombies : UNDEAD
44. Cause for being refused a drink at a bar : NO ID
46. Opposite of bright : DIM
47. Four-time M.L.B. All-Star José : REYES
48. Excellent service : TENNIS ACE
50. Terse : PITHY
52. "That feels so-o-o-o nice!" : AAH!
53. Halloween's mo. : OCT
56. Amazement : AWE
57. Water down : DILUTE
60. Punny description for 17-, 26- or 48-Across : POINT OF NO RETURN
64. Boredom : ENNUI
65. Sup : EAT
66. Florida senator Marco : RUBIO
67. Band with the 2000 hit "Bye Bye Bye" : NSYNC
68. Just for Men offering : DYE
69. Treaty : PACT

1. Alert to squad cars, for short : APB
2. Arduous walk : TREK
3. Ripped : TORE
4. Start of a playground joke : YO MAMA ...
5. Denim fabric : JEAN
6. Trump's "The ___ of the Deal" : ART
7. Use Listerine, say : GARGLE
8. Victoria's Secret measurement : BRA SIZE
9. Chaney of horror : LON
10. Azalea of rap : IGGY
11. Lieutenant on the original U.S.S. Enterprise : SULU
12. "___ and ye shall find" : SEEK
14. Hopeless : FUTILE
18. Iditarod vehicle : DOGSLED
19. Hoppy brew, for short : IPA
24. Nonsense, as the Irish might say : BLARNEY
25. "Darn!" : RATS!
26. Leg bone connected to the knee bone : FEMUR
27. Stupid : INANE
28. Passionately brainy, say : NERDY
29. Chicken ___ king : A LA
31. Fashion house founded in Milan : PRADA
32. Emotion causing hyperventilation : PANIC
33. "___ Another" (NPR game show) : ASK ME
36. It's in the stratosphere : THIN AIR
38. Hold on to : KEEP
40. Weight unit on a bridge sign : TON
43. From east of the Urals : ASIATIC
45. One placing a telephone call : DIALER
48. Organization for Janet Yellen, informally : THE FED
49. "Button your lip!" : SHUT UP!
51. Tango requirement : TWO
53. Store sign that might be flipped at 9 a.m. : OPEN
54. Inmates : CONS
55. Wee : TINY
57. Lavish care (on) : DOTE
58. Instrument that makes the cheeks puff out : TUBA
59. Clapton who sang "Layla" : ERIC
61. Habit wearer : NUN
62. "No" vote : NAY
63. "Just kidding!" : NOT!

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Dave Kennison said...

8:27, no errors.

Knot Telling said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Knot Telling said...

So glad to see you back. We missed you!

Glenn said...

Hope your trip (and your subsequent one) goes well for you!

Dave Kennison said...

I finished yesterday's (Sunday's) puzzle with no errors, but it took me 47:08 - one of those puzzles you look at afterwards and it all seems pretty straightforward, but it didn't seem that way while you were working in it. It's title was "Taking the Fifth". Is that just because each theme entry was a common phrase augmented by the fifth letter of the alphabet? Or is there a better interpretation?

@Bill ... I hope you didn't miss the monument to my namesake - the David Kennison who claimed to be the last survivor of the Boston Tea Party. It's somewhere in Lincoln Park, in Chicago. (Actually, it's pretty certain that he was a fraud, but the story is interesting ... :-)

Douglas McFarlane said...

Enjoy yourself Bill! Thanks for all the work you do on the blog.

Regina said...

Hear! Hear, Knot! We were a tad worried. I don't recall a spate of more than a single day behind before. Glad to see you back!

Jeff said...

Nice Monday challenge.

In Milwaukee and Chicago as well enjoying the snow storm. I can attest to what Bill is dealing with. I guess New York and the east coast will get it worse in the next day or two.

Supposed to fly back to Houston tomorrow, but it remains to be seen if that happens...

Best -

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