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0315-17 New York Times Crossword Answers 15 Mar 17, Wednesday

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THEME: Alphabetical Order
There’s a note with today’s puzzle that reads:
The five rows of circled squares reveal an unusual feature of this puzzle.
Those circled letters tell us that ...
So, the letters in the answers to the starred clues are in alphabetical order:
9A. *Bonzo and others : CHIMPS
33A. *"And so it ___" : BEGINS
45A. *Fabric with a cheap-sounding name : CHINTZ
69A. *"You just missed!" : ALMOST!
7D. *Can't stomach : ABHORS
49D. *Elegantly designed trinkets : BIJOUX

Today's Wiki-est, Amazonian Googlies
I am still on vacation in Chicago with my two brothers from Ireland, and am finding it tough to get to the blog each evening. I'll get to the full post in a week or so and am in the meantime publishing this abbreviated effort containing the bare essentials.

Thank you for your understanding, and for the kind messages wishing me a good time. So far, that's exactly what we're having!


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For the sake of completion, here is a full listing of all the answers:
1. See blurb : EVERY ...
6. Batteries in mice : AAS
9. *Bonzo and others : CHIMPS
15. She went to Haiti in a Cole Porter song : KATIE
16. Ballpark fig. : RBI
17. Et ___ : CETERA
18. "The Lion King" soundtrack composer : ELTON JOHN
20. Hang on to : RETAIN
21. Boarding pass info : SEAT
22. Angsty music genre : EMO
23. Divest (of) : RID
24. Gesture that might be made with a wink : NOD
25. See blurb : … STARRED ENTRY ...
28. Opposed : AVERSE
32. "And how!" : SURE DO!
33. *"And so it ___" : BEGINS
34. Patriotic women's org. : DAR
35. Jack who played Sgt. Friday : WEBB
39. Sound like a jackass : BRAY
40. See blurb : … IS IN ...
42. PHX airport locale: Abbr. : ARIZ
43. Actress Kendrick of "Pitch Perfect" : ANNA
44. Summer hrs. in Chicago : CDT
45. *Fabric with a cheap-sounding name : CHINTZ
47. "CSI" workplace : DNA LAB
50. Fresh gossip, with "the" : LATEST
51. See blurb : … ALPHABETICAL ...
55. Long-snouted fish : GAR
56. Title for 18-Across : SIR
57. Au ___ (menu phrase) : JUS
58. Novelist Waugh : ALEC
62. "Star Wars" knight, informally : OBI-WAN
64. Only a little : NOT SO MUCH
66. Fix, as a pump : RESOLE
67. ___ generis (unique) : SUI
68. Therefore : HENCE
69. *"You just missed!" : ALMOST!
70. Item held by the king of diamonds : AXE
71. See blurb : … ORDER

1. Barely manages, with "out" : EKES
2. Lowland, poetically : VALE
3. Singer James or Jones : ETTA
4. Thigh-slapper : RIOT
5. Nikkei index currency : YEN
6. Chocolatier's lure : AROMA
7. *Can't stomach : ABHORS
8. Go astray : SIN
9. 1950s-'60s hit with the lyric "Ah, you made me love you / Now, now, now, now your man is come" : CC RIDER
10. Paid attention to : HEEDED
11. "The Addams Family" cousin : ITT
12. Had in mind : MEANT
13. Previous arrest, on a rap sheet : PRIOR
14. Like some light hair : SANDY
19. Ballet leaps : JETES
23. Showed again : RERAN
25. Form 1040 ID : SSN
26. Newswoman Bakhtiar : RUDI
27. "Hold it - hang on!" : NO, WAIT!
28. "Fernando" group : ABBA
29. HGTV personality ___ Yip : VERN
30. Eddie ___, subject of "The French Connection" : EGAN
31. World capital whose name means "gardens" : RIYADH
36. Fish-eating raptor : ERNE
37. Stand-up's routines : BITS
38. [Wrong answer!] : BZZT!
40. Couch potato : IDLER
41. "Right away!," in the O.R. : STAT!
44. China holder : CABINET
45. Reunion group : CLASS
46. Rogue computer in "2001" : HAL
48. M and N, in pronunciation : NASALS
49. *Elegantly designed trinkets : BIJOUX
51. Greek marketplace of old : AGORA
52. Motown or Decca : LABEL
53. Light beam splitter : PRISM
54. Adorable one : CUTIE
58. AAA part: Abbr. : AMER
59. Ilsa ___, "Casablanca" character : LUND
60. "Behold!," to Caesar : ECCE!
61. "Believe" Grammy winner, 1999 : CHER
63. Try to win over : WOO
64. Intel org. : NSA
65. Cry of discovery : OHO

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Jeff said...

19 minutes. No errors. Totally guessed AXE/BIJOUX. Can't believe it was right. Interesting and entertaining theme. A few misdirections but not overly difficult.

Best -

Dave Kennison said...

15:03, no errors.

Tricia said...

My goodness...enjoy every moment of your time with your brothers!

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