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0316-17 New York Times Crossword Answers 16 Mar 17, Thursday

Solution to today's crossword in the New York Times
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Solution to today's New York Times crossword found online at the Seattle Times website
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THEME: Redacted
We have the name of some government agencies REDACTED in today’s grid. Three blocks of black squares are sitting over the letter groupings FBI, NSA and CIA in three long answers:
66A. Used a black marker on ... or a hint to three chunks of black squares in this puzzle : REDACTED

19A. Student's note-taking aid : LOOSELEAF BINDER (FBI is REDACTED)
36A. Eco-friendly seafood designation : DOLPHIN-SAFE TUNA (NSA is REDACTED)

Today's Wiki-est, Amazonian Googlies

I am still on vacation in Chicago with my two brothers from Ireland, and am finding it tough to get to the blog each evening. I'll get to the full post in a week or so and am in the meantime publishing this abbreviated effort containing the bare essentials.

Thank you for your understanding, and for the kind messages wishing me a good time. So far, that's exactly what we're having!


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For the sake of completion, here is a full listing of all the answers:
1. Pipe with a tube : HOOKAH
7. Like out-of-range stations : STATICKY
15. Three times : THRICE
16. Part of many a wreath : PINE CONE
17. "Aren't you glad I'm back?" : MISS ME?
18. Place with picnic tables, often : REST AREA
19. Student's note-taking aid : LOOSELEAF BINDER (FBI is REDACTED)
22. Christopher Hitchens and Marcel Proust, for two : ESSAYISTS
26. Played at a party, say : DJED
29. He portrayed Steve Wozniak in "Steve Jobs" : SETH ROGEN
33. Org. whose website has a "Know Your Rights" tab : ACLU
34. Narrow grooves : STRIAE
35. Opposite of weather, on a ship : LEE
36. Eco-friendly seafood designation : DOLPHIN-SAFE TUNA (NSA is REDACTED)
40. It might come from a tap : ALE
41. Draw out : ELICIT
45. Prince, for one : HEIR
48. Hawks have sharp ones : EYES
49. Yelling : CRYING OUT
59. Sprint, e.g. : FOOTRACE
63. Gets away from : ELUDES
64. Not seriously : ALL IN FUN
65. "Bacchus and Ariadne" painter, circa 1523 : TITIAN
66. Used a black marker on ... or a hint to three chunks of black squares in this puzzle : REDACTED
67. Unspecified group : OTHERS

1. Counterpart of JavaScript : HTML
2. Home to Bowling Green : OHIO
3. Roundabouts : OR SO
4. Acted sycophantically : KISSED UP
5. Peaks : ACMES
6. Prom wear, for some : HEELS
7. Pesticide applier : SPRAYER
8. 7-up, for example : TIE
9. True or false: Abbr. : ANS
10. Asian holiday : TET
11. "Don't doubt me!" : I CAN SO!
12. Drawstring, e.g. : CORD
13. Attack in an underhanded way : KNEE
14. Name tag info at an alumni event : YEAR
20. Big ___ Conference : EAST
23. "Lord, is ___?" : IT I
24. Arrow part : SHAFT
25. Skier's obstacle : TREE
26. Fathers, to babies : DADAS
27. Rapper with the 2013 #1 album "Born Sinner" : J COLE
28. Page in a Hollywood script? : ELLEN
30. Mucilaginous : GLUEY
31. Counting word : EENIE
32. Verges on : NEARS
34. Like river deltas : SILTY
37. Catch, in a way : HEAR
39. It's "rarely pure and never simple," per Oscar Wilde : THE TRUTH
42. The Richard in a Shakespeare title : III
43. Struggle (with) : CONTEND
44. "Picnic" playwright : INGE
47. Nova ___ : SCOTIA
50. Poem title starter : ODE TO ...
51. Like many monuments at night : UPLIT
52. Place to worship from : AFAR
53. Lone : SOLE
54. Completely convinced : SOLD
56. Woman's name that sounds like its first two letters : EDIE
57. Put over high heat : SEAR
58. IDs that are often not displayed in full: Abbr. : SSNS
60. G.O.P. org. : RNC
61. Back at sea : AFT
62. It has a tip for game-playing : CUE

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Dave Kennison said...

21:34, no errors. Didn't sleep well, got up late, had a hard time grokking the theme ... good puzzle, though ...

Jeff said...

37 minutes. Fun one. ASSO...was my "aha" moment. Thought all would be CIA, but soon realized FBI fit one place. Guessed that NSA would be the third and was correct.


Dave Kennison said...

@Jeff ... We seem to have had the same sequence of "aha" moments ...

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