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0317-17 New York Times Crossword Answers 17 Mar 17, Friday

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THEME: Inane
We have a mini-theme today, an INANE one. There are five identical clues, i.e. “Foolish”. The answers to these five “Foolish” clues are arranged in an E-shape in the grid, so they are IN AN E. How INANE is that?!
49D. Foolish ... or, when read as three words, how this puzzle's other four "foolish" answers are arranged : INANE or IN AN E

21A. Foolish : SILLY
35A. Foolish : EMPTY
51A. Foolish : SAPPY
21D. Foolish : SENSELESS

Today's Wiki-est, Amazonian Googlies

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

I am still on vacation in Chicago with my two brothers from Ireland, and am finding it tough to get to the blog each evening. I'll get to the full post in a week or so and am in the meantime publishing this abbreviated effort containing the bare essentials.

Thank you for your understanding, and for the kind messages wishing me a good time. So far, that's exactly what we're having!


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For the sake of completion, here is a full listing of all the answers:
1. "Hilarious!" : HAHA
5. Flight alternatives : RAMPS
10. Tag, for example : GAME
14. HH : ETAS
15. Centipede creator : ATARI
16. "Lionel Asbo: State of England" novelist, 2012 : AMIS
17. Some paperwork: Abbr. : LTRS
18. Well-built : MADE TO LAST
20. Ran : LED
21. Foolish : SILLY
22. Curriculum ___ : VITAE
23. Sub rosa : ON THE SLY
25. Bourbon drinks : JULEPS
26. Off : DO IN
27. Arise : COME UP
28. Amount before bonuses : BASE SALARY
32. Slips : ERRS
34. Hill dweller : ANT
35. Foolish : EMPTY
36. Dedicated to : FOR
37. Fort ___ (Civil War landmark near Savannah) : MCALLISTER
40. Gravy go-withs : SOPS
41. City on Amtrak's Boston-to-Chicago line : ERIE
42. Osprey, for one : RAPTOR
44. Once-common building material : ASBESTOS
48. Sequel : PART II
50. "Homeland" airer, for short : SHO
51. Foolish : SAPPY
53. Jacob's father-in-law : LABAN
54. Thomas who headed the 9/11 Commission : KEAN
56. Bach's "Musical Offering" includes one : TRIO SONATA
58. Simple : MERE
59. Supermarket chain until 2015 : A AND P
60. ___ Rock, N.J. : GLEN
61. Displays near gates, briefly : ETDS
62. Stack of papers : SHEAF
63. "Who ___?" : ELSE

1. When its second syllable is drawn out, "Are you out of your mind?!" : HELLO
2. Skipping record? : ATTENDANCE SHEET
3. Command for turning sharply right : HARD TO STARBOARD!
4. Biblical mount : ASS
5. "Groundhog Day" director : RAMIS
6. Whatsoever : AT ALL
7. How one might fall in love : MADLY
8. Hunted : PREY
9. Be idle : SIT
10. Region bordering Lebanon : GALILEE
11. Recreational soccer, to Brits : AMATEUR FOOTBALL
12. Embezzles, e.g. : MISAPPROPRIATES
13. ___ Park : ESTES
19. Sex-ed subject : OVUM
21. Foolish : SENSELESS
24. "___ thee to hell for shame": "Richard III" : HIE
25. Beatitude : JOY
27. Jon of "Two and a Half Men" : CRYER
28. Comic book sound effect : BAM!
29. Question in response to an insult, maybe : AM I?
30. Some wax : LPS
31. Phone inits. : ATT
33. Top class: Abbr. : SRS
38. Be idle : LIE
39. Grammy category : RAP
40. Off : STRANGE
43. ___ Alto : PALO
44. "Shoot!" : ASK ME!
45. Byes : TATAS
46. The "O" in television's OWN : OPRAH
47. Title locale : SPINE
49. Foolish ... or, when read as three words, how this puzzle's other four "foolish" answers are arranged : INANE or IN AN E
52. Robe-wearing trainer of cinema : YODA
55. Dr. Mario console : NES
57. Abbr. in a beach bag : SPF

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1 comment :

Dave Kennison said...

27:09, no errors. Had a bit of a time with this one, partly because it took me some time to get the "IN AN E" thing. I can be a little dense on occasion ... :-)

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