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0318-17 New York Times Crossword Answers 18 Mar 17, Saturday

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I am still on vacation in Chicago with my two brothers from Ireland, and am finding it tough to get to the blog each evening. I'll get to the full post in a week or so and am in the meantime publishing this abbreviated effort containing the bare essentials.

Thank you for your understanding, and for the kind messages wishing me a good time. So far, that's exactly what we're having!


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For the sake of completion, here is a full listing of all the answers:
1. Even faster than overnight : SAME DAY
8. Creator of Bluto and Wimpy : EC SEGAR
15. From the heart, in Latin : EX ANIMO
16. Heart : COURAGE
17. He played an escaped convict in "We're No Angels" : ALDO RAY
18. Bad representation? : LUCIFER
19. Bucket of bolts : CRATE
20. Central U.S.'s ___ Plateau : OZARK
22. Keys are found in it: Abbr. : FLA
23. So-called "Caput Mundi" ("Head of the World") : ROME
24. Phrase usually abbreviated : ID EST
25. Longtime Cunard flagship, for short : QE II
26. Polymer add-on? : -ASE
27. The Allegheny and Wabash, to the Ohio: Abbr. : TRIBS
28. Succession in a board game : TURNS
29. One for the record books : BEST EVER
31. "Clearly!" : SO I SEE!
32. "How ludicrous!" : WHAT A JOKE!
34. Town in Connecticut's Gold Coast : DARIEN
37. Tweak : FINE TUNE
41. Rte. that ends in 22-Across : US-ONE
42. Lounge piece : DIVAN
43. Competitor of Baker's Joy : PAM
44. River of York : OUSE
45. "Death and the ___" (Bosch painting in the National Gallery of Art) : MISER
46. Confusion : HAZE
47. "The Cocktail Party" inits. : TSE
48. With 9-Down, hit sitcom of the 1980s-'90s : NIGHT
49. Prepare for a close-up : PAN IN
50. It could be a blooper : OUTTAKE
52. Like stars in a review : AWARDED
54. Longtime locals : NATIVES
55. School address : LECTURE
56. Commoner contemner : ELITIST
57. One of a pair a gardener might wear : KNEE PAD

1. Marine 10-legger : SEA CRAB
2. "Welcome to the Jungle" singer, 1988 : AXL ROSE
3. Marie Curie and Irène Joliot-Curie, e.g. : MADAMES
4. Line online : E-NOTE
5. More than serious : DIRE
6. Org. for many residents : AMA
7. Go in and out of middle management? : YO-YO DIET
8. Mid-luxury Mercedes-Benz line : E-CLASS
9. See 48-Across : COURT
10. Be lousy : SUCK
11. Form of the Italian verb "to be" : ERI
12. Set electricians : GAFFERS
13. Crow's-foot, e.g. : AGE LINE
14. Aggressive poker play : RERAISE
21. Aquarium denizen with horizontal stripes : ZEBRAFISH
24. 1991 Daytona 500 winner Ernie : IRVAN
25. Classroom command : QUIET
27. Tickling response : TEHEE
28. Coin at an arcade : TOKEN
30. Packing supply : TWINE
31. Whale facility : SONAR
33. Cat's tongue : JIVE TALK
34. Photoshop color effect : DUOTONE
35. Predictably : AS USUAL
36. Mozart contemporary Antonio ___ : ROSETTI
38. Honest or respectable course : UP AND UP
39. It ended after W.W. II : NAZI ERA
40. Like first drafts, usually : EMENDED
42. Think over : DIGEST
45. Studio equipment : MIKES
46. "The Outcasts of Poker Flat" author : HARTE
48. Pandorans in "Avatar" : NA’VI
49. Distance unit of about 30 inches : PACE
51. European crested ___ : TIT
53. ___ Jiabao, 2003-13 premier of China : WEN

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1 comment :

Dave Kennison said...

41:41. Near the end, I had every square correctly filled in but one: the "E" at the intersection of E. C. SEGAR and E-CLASS. I guessed S, A, B, C, D, and E, in that order, with the clock running. Not an easy puzzle, in my opinion ... and kind of a bummer to end up with a Natick after all that work ... poor me ... :-)

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